Vita: National Academy of Science, National Research Council Work

Member, Committee on the Study of Teacher Preparation Programs in the United States, 2005-2007.

Member, Steering Committee on Mathematics/Science Partnerships, 2003-2006.

Chair, Board on International Comparative Studies in Education, National Research Council, 1998-2001, member from 1993.

Member, Committee on Appropriate Uses of Educational Tests formed under the auspices of the Board on Testing and Assessment, February 1-December 31, 1998.

Member, Mathematical Sciences Education Board, Study Group on Assessment, 1991-1993.

Member, Committee on the Federal Role in Education Research, 1991-1992.

Participant/Presenter, Conference on Evaluating Education Reform, May 1991.

Participant/Presenter, Conference on Statistical Standards for International Assessments of Student Achievement in Precollege Science and Mathematics, October 1985.

Participant, Colloquium on Indicators of Precollege Science and Mathematics Education, November 1985.

Member, Committee to Evaluate the National Center for Education Statistics, 1984-1986.